Christmas Fair Seller Highlight: LittleSwift

Etsy Cambridge will have one more pop-up market in 2015 – the Christmas Fair! Over the upcoming few weeks, we’ll introduce our vendors to you. Today’s seller is:


Cheryl creates Folk and Scandi inspired jewellery, accessories and textile mobiles and decorations. All items are designed and made by herself from recycled and vintage materials, including buttons, reclaimed leather, vintage fabrics, yarns and textiles. Some items are available in her Etsy shop but many are made especially for markets.

“I’m a self confessed hoarder, erm I mean collector of secondhand and unwanted items that I see potential in for new and creative uses. I glean charity shops, car boots and sale trails and have been seen rummaging through rubbish piles and climbing into skips if I spot something special glinting at me in the sunshine”

Faux Leather Fawn and Pink Vintage Button Cloud Necklace
Faux Leather Fawn and Pink Vintage Button Cloud Necklace
Folk Poppy Flower - Pair of Button and Leather Bobby Pins
Folk Poppy Flower – Pair of Button and Leather Bobby Pins
Folk Cloud and Pom Poms Mobile
Folk Cloud and Pom Poms Mobile

You can find the Etsy Cambridge Christmas Fair on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2015 at St Andrew’s Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge, CB2 3AR, United Kingdom. (Near the Arts Picturehouse Cinema)

LittleSwift will be at the market on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December.

Find the event on Facebook: Etsy Cambridge Christmas Market

Find the event on Etsy: Etsy Local



Hi - my name's Yvette! Originally from the Netherlands, I am a kind, lively and laid-back person with a can-do attitude. Together with my husband Sean, we have moved from the Netherlands to Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK), Leamington Spa (UK), Sheffield (UK), Sydney (Australia), back to the Netherlands, to Dusseldorf (Germany), Cambridge (UK), Frankfurt (Germany and now Toronto (Canada) in the last 9 years. And no, I don't think this is our final stop either! I have learned most of my photographic craft whilst at Art college (quite a few years back), from the two portrait studio jobs I held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and from assisting fine art dealer Linus Carr in Warwick. Even though I still own and use my digital camera, I mainly shoot on medium format Black and White film, using a Rolleiflex TLR. As I become more and more fascinated with old photography techniques, I started shooting wet plates in 2013. You can see some of my work on As anyone who has visited my shop or '1000crowsVintage' on Etsy may attest to, I am a big fan of carboots / charity shops as well as vintage fairs, garage sales, auctions ..... you get the idea - and my house is slowly filling up with beautiful random things - some of which I sell online, and some of which I will hoard for a while. x

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